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Fibrus Fibrefast Broadband is now available on the North Coast!

Fibrus Fibrefast Broadband is now available on the North Coast!

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Do you live or own a property on and around the North Coast of Northern Ireland? We have some news for you!

Fibrus Fibrefast Broadband is now available across the North Coast. Our Fibrefast download speeds range from 100MB to 1GB, while you can get upload speeds of up to 300MB. That means no more lagging, dodgy Zoom calls, or download limits and delays.

The Benefits of Fibrus Fibrefast Fibre Broadband

Fibrefast Speed
Our superfast fibre is up to 18 times faster than the average download speed on the North Coast*.
Residential and business properties on the North Coast can get our Fibrefast Broadband installed and activated free of charge*.
Social Networking
Add a pic to Facebook, create a story on Instagram, upload a video to TikTok, or send a Snap to friends - all at the one time!
No Line Rental
With our Fibrefast broadband only packages, you’ll only ever pay the price of your broadband, there’s no line rental fee. If you prefer, you can also add a call plan to your broadband package.
Reliable Remote Working
Stay connected 24/7 with our reliable, Fibrefast broadband.
HD Video Calls
No more connection issues on Zoom, Teams, Hangouts or any other video calls!
Video on Demand
Easily stream HD and 4K video from Netflix, Prime, Disney+, YouTube and more!
Local Support
Our customer service team is based here in Northern Ireland.
Seamless Gaming
Connect to the cloud and download games instantly with no more lag.
* Free activation and connection with Government Gigabit Connection Voucher

You can also retain an existing landline number for free by adding our Call Plan to your Fibrefast Broadband package.

How do the speeds compare?

48 MB
48 MB
18x faster!
18x faster!
* Ofcom Connected Nations 2020: Interactive report (December 2020).

Where is Fibrus Fibrefast available on the North Coast?

Our Fibrefast Broadband is currently available to residential and business premises in:

  • Portrush

  • Portstewart

  • Ballycastle

  • Bushmills

  • Portballintrae

  • Castlerock

  • Garvagh

  • Kilrea

We’re continually expanding across the North Coast so don’t worry if your town isn’t currently connectable.

Our engineers are working hard to install Fibrefast and Fibrus will be available in a number of new towns on the North Coast throughout this year and beyond.

Check your postcode below. If you’re not currently connectable, you can register your interest and we’ll be in touch as soon once our Fibrefast broadband is available.

Choose Fibrus and you’ll get fibrefast and hypervalue fibre broadband with a local service.
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Reliable, Fibrefast for business customers on the North Coast

We know that business owners rely on fast, reliable broadband day in and day out to deliver for their customers. We’re no different! 

That’s why with business packages that offer download speeds of up to 1GB and upload speeds of up to 300MB, slow connections are a thing of the past. 

Fibrus brings our Fibrefast right to your premises so you can say goodbye to lag, slow connections, and dodgy video calls.

Check your postcode below to see if you’re connectable and if we can’t connect to your business just yet, register your interest and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

Why is Fibrus Full Fibre Broadband so fast?

We provide Fibre To The Premises, or FTTP, directly to your door. This eliminates the need for a cabinet which is required for traditional copper and part fibre broadband.

Click here to learn more about FTTP and why our broadband is Fibrefast.

Speed Comparison
5 Mb
5 Mb
20 Mb
20 Mb
1 Gb
1 Gb

Switching is easy. Discover Hypervalue, Hypervalue fibre broadband today.

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