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World Wildlife Day 2022!

5 months ago · 3 min read
As we enter Spring, it is a wonderful time to appreciate some of the unique wildlife we have in the UK and learn how we can help some of these amazing creatures and attract them to our gardens. Even simple acts, such as feeding birds or leaving a wild area in your garden can give local wildlife a boost.
World Wildlife Day 2022!

Andy Bate who has recently joined us as our Lead Environmental & Sustainability Specialist said "At Fibrus we work closely with our contractors to ensure our fibre broadband infrastructure and maintenance activities have a strong focus on the environment particularly at this crucial time of the year. As we start to see snowdrops and daffodils flowering, we are noticing the days getting longer and our feathered friends are getting ready for their own construction projects.

Yes, bird nesting season is here! So, for Fibrus and our contractors, we must ensure our activities, such as vegetation management, does not impact on any nests."

Birds are right at the top of every nature lover’s list when it comes to attracting wildlife to their gardens, they are also the easiest too! 

This World Wildlife Day we at Fibrus are focusing on birds and encouraging them to nest in safe places so here are some tips on how to encourage birds into your garden!

1.      Feeding Birds

People have fed birds for a long time, from kitchen scraps to leftover bread, there are multiple ways to feed birds and attract them to your garden in honour of World Wildlife Day, but if you’re serious about doing the birds a favour, good quality bird feed is a must. From sunflower seeds for birds to general mixes, there are a variety of healthy foods you can treat our feathered friends to. Of course, different species appreciate different types of food too, so you can try varying what you feed and experimenting with different mixes to see how many types of bird you can attract to your garden.

 2.      Bird Baths

Attracting birds to your garden isn’t all about food though, there are other ways you can attract birds Installing a birdbath is a great way to attract birds as they need to bathe regularly to ensure their feathers are clean. They also need to drink fresh water in addition to eating nutritious bird food.

3.     Nesting Boxes or Bug Hotels

You can further help birds by providing nest boxes or a bug hotel to attract insects.