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What Does Flexible Working Mean to Our Team? Part 2

1 year ago · 2 min read
Next up in our flexible working series is Portugese national, Ines Metelo. She tells us what its been like being so far from home, and how flexible working enabled her to be reunited with her loved ones.
What Does Flexible Working Mean to Our Team? Part 2

Next to explain how the relatively new concept of flexible working has benefitted their lives is our Marketing Assistant, Ines Metelo...

The pandemic arrived last year and took us by surprise, taking away those liberties we took for granted. The most difficult restriction for me was the non-family contact.

As a Portuguese National, I was already physically separated from my loved ones. This legal requirement made it impossible. 

When the pandemic started last year I thought for sure it would be gone by summer. 

As the months went by, I looked at the next family gathering with the hope that things would be normal by then. Every milestone came and went and the borders showed no sign of opening. On top of this my wedding was also postponed as a result of Covid. Thankfully Fibrus was there to help me when I really needed it. 

Fibrus kindly allowed me to travel home to visit my family and work remotely. This helped immensely with my mental health. I was still able to complete my workload during my normal working hours but I was able to spend quality time with my loved ones.

I will never take luxuries such as seeing my family for granted again. If there is one thing Covid has taught me is to enjoy the moment. It is true when they say ‘yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today’s the present, that’s why they call it a gift!!’. I am blessed to work for such a great employer.