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Liz Mallinson - Head of PMO & Stakeholder Engagement

2 months ago · 3 min read
In the final instalment of our 'Break the Bias' series Liz Mallinson took some time out to explain what it's been like building a career in different industries, including the telecomms, which would be perceived as being male dominated. She also offers up some words of wisdom for other considering following a similar path.
Liz Mallinson - Head of PMO & Stakeholder Engagement

I am Head of the Project Management Office and Stakeholder Management for Fibrus. Our work is central to the organisation, setting and maintaining the standards for project management and supporting our ability to expand. Project and Programme Management is a fantastic training to have as it enables movement across sectors, industries, public and private sectors.

The PMO ensures the creation of process, procedures, controls, tracking and reporting that help the organisation implement projects successfully and ensure they deliver on time, meet contractual deliverables, and provide the returns and benefits envisaged.  I also provide leadership on stakeholder management and our ESG programme building on my experience across a variety of sectors and in particular on public/private initiatives and partnerships.

Telecoms is fast moving and complex to deliver. There are many things that need to come together and work well in order to achieve success. Teamwork is critical, building strong effective resilient and successful teams is key to success and I love to do this.    I have spent the last ten years delivering and expanding the fibre infrastructure in Scotland and more recently here in Northern Ireland. I really enjoy the opportunity to engage with the wider public on that delivery and in wider opportunities that the infrastructure creates.  Telecoms is a vital utility.

I have studied and worked in variety of sectors which are male dominated and I tend not to think about male or female but rather focus on people opportunity and development and achieving a good balance. If you focus on being the best you can be, take risks and put yourself in challenging situations that you can learn from you will find supporters, advocates and mentors to help you stretch and help you last the course when the going gets tough. I have had both male and female mentors and they have provided unique inputs and guidance.

To my mind there is no such thing as the “norm”, there is just what you want to do. Finding what gives you purpose & motivation and then pursuing that with energy and commitment, will help to overcome barriers.

I do however take very seriously the quote that 'there is a special place in hell for women who do not help and support other women'.  I am happy to say that there is an active group of women (and men !) intent on ensuring their female colleagues are supported and I am lucky to work in such a vibrant workplace. It offers so many opportunities for growth and development.