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What Does Flexible Working Mean to Our Team? Part 4

1 year ago · 1 min read
The final part of our Flexible working series features our Reporting Analyst Phil Morris. Our flexible option opened up new opportunities for Phil as he joins the team remotely from England!
What Does Flexible Working Mean to Our Team? Part 4

The previous ethos that life fits around your work has been turned on its head thanks to Fibrus. Work is able to now fit around my life thanks to the flexible working day.

I’m able to drop my Son off at nursery and pick him up which is an incredible privilege I didn’t think I would have. I’m extremely lucky and I can’t express my gratitude enough to Fibrus for giving me this. 

Flexible working brings a lot of joy into our home and makes a huge difference on our wellbeing as a family. The impact is far reaching and immeasurable. My wife can work more productively and without worry, grandparents aren’t needed so regularly, appointments can be made without hesitation, and my split day allows me to be a present Dad and domestic god! We regain so much time as a family as a result.

Flexible working has made me without doubt more productive, me and my family happier, and it’s something I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful to Fibrus for. Until you have it, you don’t realise how wonderful a thing it is.