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What Does Flexible Working Mean to Our Team? Part 3

1 year ago · 2 min read
Bevin, the genius that is our Accounts Administrator is next to explain just what flexible working at Fibrus means to her and her family.
What Does Flexible Working Mean to Our Team? Part 3

I am the middle of 3 daughters born to the most amazing people I know. One sister has stayed in Canada, the other made Glasgow her home while I have not ventured too far from my parents’ doorstep over the years, which has turned out to be beneficial for us all!

My Dad was officially diagnosed last year with Mixed Dementia, which turned our lives upside down. My Mum has severe scoliosis and arthritis which leaves her quite restricted. They are still fiercely independent much to my frustration at times. Dad is still high functioning - working, driving locally to do the shopping, taking their Whippet Lucy out on her walks around the village or to the beach - but the reality is that they need my help now, such as a lift to an appointment or accompanying them to important meetings. 

And that help is usually needed between the hours of nine to five.

I work for a modern forward-thinking company that enables me to use flexible working hours for those times when I can say to my parents “I can take you! I can help you do that!” 

Without flexible working, I would need to take annual leave to be there for them. But those days eventually run out and then there would be difficult choices to make. 

With flexible working, I can be there for them when they need me – whether it is a scheduled trip or an unexpected emergency during the day or on the phone dealing with bureaucrats. The appointments are usually known in advance so I can plan my time accordingly. 

There is always time to catch up on work, just not during the traditional hours, and this new way of working is much healthier, less stressful, and very welcome! It recognises that life will not politely wait until five o’clock to knock on your door or ring you up. 

Flexible working makes it possible to be the kind of daughter I want to be for my parents.