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Fibrus links with Ulster Farmers Union

2 years ago · 3 min read
The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) has announced a new partnership with Fibrus
Fibrus links with Ulster Farmers Union

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) has announced a new partnership with Fibrus who have become a corporate member.  UFU president, Ivor Ferguson said, “We are delighted that Fibrus has become a corporate partner.

Fibrus is a broadband network provider bringing full fibre infrastructure to Northern Ireland.With the industry facing continuous change and many application processes moving online, having access to quality digital connectivity is paramount for our farmers. Broadband is an essential tool not only for the day-to-day running of farm businesses, but also for the entire farming family as many educational resources are online as is valuable health information. It is also crucial for rural communities as those who reside in isolated areas with poor mobile signal depend on their Wi-Fi internet connection to communicate with others. We have seen many rural households continue to be significantly disadvantaged with a very poor or non-existent broadband service, something which has been vocalised on numerous occasions by our members. However, our new partnership with Fibrus provides the opportunity to deliver positive social and economic long-term benefits, to the farming community.” 

The UFU launched the new membership category for businesses who rely on farming families for product production or provide a service to the agriculture industry. 

David Armstrong, sales and marketing director at Fibrus, commented, “We are really excited about our corporate partnership with the Ulster Farmers’ Union and look forward to developing our relationship further. Over the next few years’ farmers will need to embrace and utilise a range of digital technologies in their businesses to help them farm more efficiently and productively. Fibrus is committed to working with the UFU and its members to address the lack of digital coverage in rural parts of Northern Ireland which is creating a huge barrier for farm businesses, putting them at a severe disadvantage.”  

Mr Ferguson added, “Rural businesses and farm families require access to a fibre broadband service that will enhance all parts of their lives. Fibrus will provide this service for our members at a reasonable cost. The broadband network provider is seeking to transform rural and regional areas of Northern Ireland by investing in excess of £100m in full fibre broadband, something which will greatly be received by the farming community. We look forward to working with Fibrus.”