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Broadband Provider Fibrus Challenges Phone Companies

2 years ago · 1 min read
Belfast-based broadband provider Fibrus has announced plans to roll out full fibre broadband to Castlewellan, Newcastle and Ballynahinch in the first half of 2020.
Broadband Provider Fibrus Challenges Phone Companies

The firm said broadband will be available to 15,000 homes and businesses following the successful completion of its pilot project in Dundrum in 2019, which was part of an £84m investment.

Fibrus has recruited a new team to assist with the plans, that together bring over 60 years of combined experience in the IT and telecoms industry. The company was founded by Conal Henry and Dominic Kearns.

Dominic said: “Our challenge is to build a scalable organisation that will assist delivering the next generation of digital infrastructure. As the organisation matures and we bring in more people we hope to keep improving on our homes delivered year on year to assist the Government with its targets for 2025.”

The company also intends to run its own retail division, educating the market about the difference between ‘fibre to the cabinet’ and full fibre services.

Dominic thinks “consumers are being misled into thinking they are buying fibre broadband from the phone companies when they are not.”

He continued: “We support the calls from others in industry for honest and clear marketing around services. Our message is clear, and we will be asking consumers why buy your broadband from a phone company with an old copper network when you can buy full fibre broadband from a broadband company.”