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Fibrus announced as partner of Belfast Storm

10 months ago · 3 min read
Northern Ireland’s first E-Sports team is set to take on some of the world’s leading game players in the international Northern League of Legends Championship this month with the support of Fibrus Full Fibre Broadband.
Fibrus announced as partner of Belfast Storm

Belfast Storm is the first Northern Ireland team to qualify for the prestigious online tournament, which will see them compete against teams from across Europe and the Nordics. The Belfast based team includes local analysts and coaches, and is completed by some of the leading game players from across Europe. 

Belfast man, Stuart McAllister, who is managing director at Belfast Storm, said “You may not have heard of the Northern League of Legends Championship, but with more than 4 million spectators it is one of the most eagerly awaited tournaments in the gaming calendar. We are delighted to be representing Northern Ireland on this huge stage and are excited to be competing with some of the best gamers in the world. We have been training hard for months and with the support of our management team and performance coach, we think we are in a place where coming away as winners is a real prospect. 

“Gaming of this level is much more professional than just playing with your mates - you might have been handy at Street Fighter II, but that doesn’t mean you’re a world beater. It requires real commitment and hard work, as well as travel and time out which we wouldn’t be able to do without the support of our partners. We’re so grateful to the team at Fibrus for backing our campaign at this year’s championship and hope to be celebrating our achievements in the very near future.”

Belfast Storm is aiming to be a disrupter in this year’s tournament, as they take on some of the most established names in the gaming community, which made the partnership with Fibrus a comfortable fit. Jemma Dougherty, PR and Communications Specialist at Fibrus added:

“Digital connectivity is an essential part of so many elements of our everyday lives, and there are few who know that better than gamers. A Hyperfast Full Fibre broadband connection is key to allowing gamers to take up challenges and battles from Belfast to Bangkok, Brisbane and Boston. 

“Belfast Storm has been at the forefront of promoting high skilled gaming in Northern Ireland, but is aiming to be a disrupter at this global tournament. We know what it’s like to be a disrupter and hope that the work Fibrus is undertaking to bring full fibre to homes in villages and towns will inspire them even further and help even more people log on and start gaming.”