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Should I shop for FTTP this Black Friday?

1 week ago · 5 min read
In our guide to FTTP broadband, we explain what it is, why you could need it, and the Black Friday deals that are making it more affordable than ever.
Should I shop for FTTP this Black Friday?

What is FTTP broadband?

Whether you use broadband for streaming, gaming, or working from home, you’re likely aware of the difference between a reliable and unreliable connection. One of the best ways of securing broadband connection that’s free of tedious loading, is by getting FTTP. If you’re thinking about making life easier with faster broadband, now is the perfect time to make the switch as we approach Fibrus’ biggest ever Black Friday broadband deals, running from 14th November - 8th December. 

To help you decide if you want to make the switch to faster broadband, we outline how FTTP works below, and the top deals that are now available at Fibrus. 

What are the main benefits of FTTP Broadband?

Unless your household is made up of one person only using the internet for browsing, the chances are that you’ll require faster internet speeds. Reduced latency and delays can wreak havoc on how you use the internet throughout the day. Streaming, video calls at work, gaming, and multiple people browsing at once, can be met with lagging if the internet speed isn’t fast enough. With FTTP broadband, you get superior bandwidth that ensures a reliable, high-speed internet connection for everything you use the internet for. 

 If you work or run a small business from home, investing in FTTP can be particularly beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, the number of devices that can work off an FTTP is unlimited, so you don’t have to worry about connectivity errors if you work from a household where numerous people use the internet. The super speeds of FTTP also means working days are free of frustrating lags and video call issues for improved productivity levels. Lastly, fibre broadband connection is potentially the most future-proof technology on the market, meaning you don’t have to worry about your fibre connections ever becoming obsolete. 

 The benefits of FTTP broadband are clear, but if you’re finding it overwhelming to make the switch, Fibrus make it easy. Choose the package the suits your needs and shop between 14th November and 8th December to get 60% off fibrefast broadband and a free wifi booster with a guaranteed no-price increase mid-contract.

FTTC vs FTTP Broadband: what’s the difference?

FTTC is a common form of broadband and provides a part-copper, part-fibre connection. It draws it connection from a cabinet that works for specific areas. FTTP’s super-speeds are the main point of difference from FTTC. The most widely available FTTC products typically reach speeds of 35-34Mbps. By investing in FTTP, you can expect internet speeds that exceed it by several leagues, at 1Gb. 

How can I get FTTP Broadband?

If you’re eager to take part in our Black Friday sale, there’s never been a better time to make the switch to FTTP. Around a million households can now get FTTP broadband. The easiest and most sure-fire way to check if you can get our Fibrefast Full Fibre Broadband, is to check by using our broadband postcode checker here. If your home is able to be connected via FTTP, you can begin considering what package works best for you and take advantage of our black friday deals.

Black Friday FTTP Broadband packages?

At Fibrus, our residential packages range from 100Mb to 1Gb. This means you can choose the package that suits your needs, rather than paying extra for internet speeds that won’t be utilised. Our available packages are 100Mb, 150 Mb, 300Mb and 1Gb. If you’re unsure what package suits you best, get in contact with our team. 

We’re always focused on providing our customers with hypervalue full-fibre connections, but for this Black Friday, we’re rolling out our biggest sale to date:

  • Get up to 60% off fibrefast broadband
  • Free wifi booster
  • Guaranteed no-price increase mid-contract 
  • Contract buy out available*

*T&C’s apply and subject to availability

Learn how much you could save on fibrefast broadband by visiting Fibrus broadband offers.