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Hyperfast Fibre Broadband Castlewellan!

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Castlewellan Broadband - Fibrus Hyperfast has arrived!

We’re guessing your internet speeds are a frustration, or you’re paying over the odds for a service you’re not entirely happy with and are looking at the broadband options available in Castlewellan.

Fibrus is bringing hyperfast full fibre broadband right to the door of your Castlewellan home or business. At Fibrus, we bring full fibre broadband right to your door. We’re a Northern Irish company, who pride ourselves on great value and local customer support.

We’re a Northern Irish company, who pride ourselves on our great value product, local customer support and friendly team.

Stream HD or 4K TV, watch catch-up services, YouTube videos and live events without buffering.
Share user generated content quick and easy to social media with fast upload speeds.
Download games instantly and smash your competitors with reduced lag time.
Work from the comfort of your own home with no more interruptions to your connection.
Keep in contact with colleagues, friends and family around the world, as if they’re in the same room as you.
All premises benefit from free installation & activation*, no line rental and a free wireless router.
* Free activation and connection with Government Gigabit Connection Voucher

At Fibrus, we bring full fibre broadband right to your door. We’re a Northern Irish company, who pride ourselves on great value and local customer support.

Say goodbye to slow broadband!

It’s fair to say your neighbours are going to be jealous with the service you receive from Fibrus. Our hyperfast full fibre broadband delivers an off the charts performance for the whole family. You’ll be able to seamlessly connect multiple devices at once and wave goodbye to lag and buffering, forever.

At last, Dad can watch the football, while mum is listening to Spotify and the kids are watching YouTube or playing Fortnite!

Our residential packages range from 150Mb to 1Gb and you’ll soon wonder how you coped with anything less in Castlewellan.

Choose Fibrus and you’ll get hyperfast and hypervalue fibre broadband with a local service.
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Faster Business Broadband in Castlewellan

If you are a business in Castlewellan working online doesn’t have to be frustrating. Slow connections and glitchy video calls can be a thing of the past with Fibrus hyperfast full-fibre business broadband.

We bring the fibre right to your premises in Castlewellan, so you can wave goodbye to lag, buffering and slow connections, forever. Our business packages give you the option of 100Mb to 1Gb and you’ll soon wonder how you ran your business without it.

Why Gamers Crave Speed From Their Broadband Providers

For gamers, having high speed broadband is vital when it comes to obliterating lag delays, downloading the latest game releases in double quick time and allowing for online game play through streaming community sites such as Twitch and playing in co-op modes. Here are the top reasons why gamers need fast download speeds now.

No More Lags and Jitters

Lag time, often known as latency, is the name given to the time it takes for the connection to respond to what a gamer is doing on screen. Frequent lags during active play can put gamers at a serious disadvantage, causing lost battles, silly mistakes and frustrating errors. Jittering can also occur, which much like a lag, is caused by slow connection speeds struggling to keep up with the intense download demands of high spec modern games. The only way to combat this is to use superfast broadband in order to ensure there are no onscreen delays and that gameplay can continue smoothly. This is also essential for those who love playing in co-op mode or as part of online gaming communities, as lag during play can make some online games simply unusable due to the excessive amount of delays experienced.

No More Download Delays

Fast broadband speeds mean no more waiting around when it comes to downloading new games. With new titles released all the time, those with slower ADSL connections can expect to wait up to 10 hours for games such as Assassin’s Creed to download, and up to 20 hours to get playing Red Dead Redemption. For those gamers with fibre connections, this time is almost cut in half, but at 3 and 6 hours respectively, it is still a long time to wait. However, hyperfast speeds mean both games download in under an hour, perfect for serious gamers who don’t want to waste any time.

No More Data Limits

Downloading games, whether to a physical console or to the cloud, require big download speeds with no data limits. Hyperfast full fibre broadband connections are the only providers that can handle the vast amount of data that comes with downloading high quality games.

No More Cloud Gaming Restrictions

For those with slower broadband speeds, cloud gaming is simply impossible, as a slow connection cannot cope with the level of data involved in streaming and playing from the cloud. With virtual game stores, such as Xbox Live or Steam, now more popular than their high street competitors, physical game discs may soon become a thing of the past. This means it is now even more important for gamers to have a fast broadband connection in order to play and stream online without delays. With a superfast broadband connection, gamers can now enjoy online communities such as GeForce Now and Google Stadia for the best in 4K game resolution.

Speed Comparison
5 Mb
5 Mb
20 Mb
20 Mb
1 Gb
1 Gb

When it comes to switching we’re hyperfast!

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